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Reckoning and Recalling – The Namibian

The state of Namibian SOEs was the topic of discussion last Thursday, at an event organised and hosted by the Economic Association of Namibia (EAN). According to public enterprise minister Leon Jooste, Namibia has more than 70 SOEs of which 22 can be regarded as hardcore commercial. The ones delivering in terms of jobs and a financial contribution can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

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Namibia’s rand quandary – Windhoek Observer

Economic Association of Namibia (EAN) Executive Director, Klaus Schade, said although he was not aware of the Government’s alternatives, it would more likely be a basket of currencies.
Schade, however, cautioned that any planned delink has to be strategic. “I’m not sure what Government alludes to, but an alternative to the one-to-one link to the ZAR could be basing the NAD on a basket of currencies, which would make it less vulnerable to one currency,” he said.

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EAN Annual Conference (12 July) 2017 ‘Regional Integration – Opportunities for Namibia’

The Economic Association of Namibia, in partnership with the Hanns Seidel Foundation and The Namibian hosted a constructive conference under the theme: ‘Regional Integration – Opportunities for Namibia’ on 12 July 2017, at the Safari Court Conference Centre. The presentations are below for viewing and downloading:

EAN Conference 2017 Mrs. Trudi Hartzenberg Presentation – Regional integration – quo vadis?

EAN Conference 2017 Mr. Francisco Paulo Presentation – Economic Prospects for Angola

EAN Conference 2017 Mrs. Ndiitah Nghipondoka-Robiati Presentation – Economic opportunities for Namibia from closer regional integration

EAN Conference 2017 Mrs. Ndiitah Nghipondoka-Robiati Presentation – NTF SWOT Analysis